Alfred F. Jones (omnomfuckyeah) wrote in eronum,
Alfred F. Jones

when THREE freemen shall stand! { video }

As I'm sure everyone is happy to know, my cold's not as bad as it was before! Ha ha, take that spontaneous recessions!

[he rubs his nose, and he does look noticeably better than before, but still not completely well; perhaps it has something to do with the fact that it's still winter]

SO. Your hero has returned and welcomes all of you into the new year! And since all the technology's working, I thereby declare that it is not the year 2000 but some other year!

[and there's that chest-puffing of self-glory until he slumps, remembering something with a grumpy tinge of red on his face]

Uh. Hey, England. I got you a present, so if you want it come get it. Yeah.

Alright, hero signing off!

[and the transmission ends]

[[ooc: America got Canada a thing of maple syrup that SAID 'real maple syrup,' so hopefully it is; and Romano, you got a bag of tomatoes. Yaay food presents. Oh right, Iggy, he got you a French cookbook and an eyebrow comb as gag gifts, both settled on top of cheap tea, the real gift.]]
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