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04 December 2009 @ 02:05 pm
No change in the last few days. Nothing important to note. Students are improving. Slowly but surely. It's... a nice change. (Wonder if this is how Quistis feels when she's teaching... If it is, I'm not surprised she would love this job.)

Been here for more than a month now. Twenty more until it's two.

...Seifer. Have you been able to get in contact with Garden?
04 December 2009 @ 07:25 am
[There's a brief burst of static and some half-mumbled words before Bridget realizes that yes, he has managed to make the LOGOs work properly. He clears his throat a little, and begins in a very quiet, wary voice-]

While I'm quite sure that the situation is currently not one that would require constant bursts into hystrionics, it is still a bit worrisome- after all, I'm still not quite entirely sure where it is this city is located.

However, there are more pressing matters at hand. Um...

[Here he falters, the practiced speech he'd been giving failing him momentarily.]

S-such as where I shall stay once I am no longer allowed here in the hotel, as well as whether I should be working or attending a school-- are there schools here, by the way?-- as well as perhaps someone to help me deal with all of this Blacktech. I've never quite dealt with so much technology, ad I'm afraid I'm not entirely sure where to begin educating myself...

[A mild lie- he knows a little more than he lets on, but should anyone from his world be around...]

Ah- thank you all very much in advance.

Oh! A-and um, Miss Overseer, ma'am? A quick question, and this may seem a bit silly but- would my chequebook, by any chance, still work here?
01 December 2009 @ 05:19 pm
[since America's working a minimum wage job, mooching off his brother and eating everything in sight, he's totally been suffering from an "economic depression," aka a cold for the past month. Yeah. That's the story and I'm sticking to it. And he's, uh, still got it. A little bit.]

[insert sniffling here] God...dammit, stupid--ACHOO!!--cold? Yeah, cold...gyugh.

'Ey, brother-whatever-your-name-is, I'm hun--[BIG SNEEZE] guh, this sucks... I'm hungry! It hurts to yell at you to do it, y'know, burgers would be awesome, but I'll take pancakes.

[he whines, blows his nose (it's an awfully disgusting sound) and groans] Oh yeah, city! What's the cure for the cold? Kinda need it...I'm the hero, after--ACHOO! after all!

[and after another big sneeze he shuts off the transmission]

[[ooc: he's very contagious, be warned~]]
01 December 2009 @ 10:46 am
[Have a Canada. Have a Canada mumbling to himself as he stands in front of the stove, making pancakes.

Have him death-glaring the syrup on the counter next to him with a venom most people wouldn't think he possesses.

...maple my tundra.

[That's right. Canada bought 'maple' syrup. Except it's not up to his standards, not being actual maple syrup. He is both annoyed and distressed. And may or may not be giving his pancakes to his brother and making himself some crépes.]
24 November 2009 @ 02:12 am
Seifer. Got a question t'ask you. It ain't school or job related, I just... Eh, some lamer told me to ask you 'bout somethin'.
23 November 2009 @ 09:58 pm
[ This is coming from her new cell phone. For a second or two, there can be shuffling of papers heard and then a males voice cuts across the shuffling noises ]

"Hey, C.C., how about you get me a nice cup of hot coffee!"

[ More shuffling of paper and then it stops and C.C.'s monotonous voice is heard ]

I was not aware that my job description entailed maid services...

[ there's a pause and then the man gives a jolly laugh. Ohyes. He is amused by C.C. ]

"That's what I like about you C.C.! You don't let anyone push you around! It's good work ethic, good work ethic I say! I'll get us both a cup of coffee, you just keep working hard."

[ there's a few moments of silence until C.C. notices her phone had kicked on. She gives a soft "Hm.." before turning it off. Well, at least people can see how lulzy amusing her boss is and how she's fairing at this job. Go ahead and text her about it~ You know you wanna. ]
23 November 2009 @ 10:24 pm
[ The first face you see on the screen is Spanner, looking rather deadpan. Nothing out of the ordinary. Until: ]

So how many of you are familiar with the trains? Because they don't exist.

[ He's ushered away from the screen by a frazzled redhead, who gives a somewhat pained-- and very tired-- attempt at a smile. It quickly drifts into seriousness. In an attempt to explain this more clearly, he pushes his glasses up his nose and takes a seat down in front of the camera. ]

Ah-- Everyone, I'm sorry to mention, my partner and I recently investigated the trains on our own in hopes of finding out what was wrong. We're both skilled with machinery, so it wouldn't have been any issue. We could even go as far as to modify them ourselves.

But.. we encountered a barrier that stopped us from reaching any further. It seems like the railroad leads nowhere any train could conceivably reach.
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23 November 2009 @ 05:27 pm
[ Squall's face fills the screen as he reaches over to adjust the screen of his Logos, making sure that everything is working correctly. He's dressed in black Japanese style hakama, the background behind him is what looks to be filled with Rice Paper Doors and bamboo walls. Stepping away from the camera, Squall turns and nods at a young male, also dressed in a similar (but white) clothes. In the unnamed boy's hands is a shinai. Squall walks off camera and reappears with his own shinai.

[ The SeeD commander moves to stand before the boy and bows lightly. His companion mirrors him before putting on his head gear. Squall takes up stance, foregoing protection and waits for the boy to attack him ]

Let's begin.

[ For the next ten minutes, there is nothing but fighting as Squall blocks and evades the boy's attacks while taking swings of his own. The brunet says nothing and only grunts and nods in approval. Finally, the spar is finished and they bow to one another ]

You've improved.

[ Squall nods briskly, setting his shinai over his shoulders. His face is neutral but his tone is slightly tinged with approval ]

Work on your left side defense and your footing. That is all for today.

[ He turns, profile to the camera, eyes glancing elsewhere ]

You have until next week to show me your progress. Keep up with your training. You're doing... good.

[ Squall shrugs, something in his body language hinting that he's not used to giving positive comments or compliments but the boy says nothing to Squall. The boy only smiles widely and leaves. Squall walks over to his logos and mutters to himself ]

Hn. More work to do. At least I can coordinate what that kid needs done for next time, now that I have a recording of what happened today...

There's only so much you can observe when you're on the other end of the blade.

[ Squall's lips twitch as he turns off the logos, still oblivious to the fact that he didn't enable the privacy feature when he was recording the spar ]
23 November 2009 @ 03:08 pm
It seems I am in need of a new vehicle. The pirate with a straw hat caused a telephone pole to fall on my rental. I was really hoping I wouldn't have to spend the funds considering that I just helped buy a house.

At any rate, I'm looking for something with decent gas mileage that won't turn into an accoridian the second that it's hit. Anyone have any suggestions?
23 November 2009 @ 01:32 pm
What the hell, man, this is-

Ah, nevermind. Yosuke? You seen Senpai around? Where are you guys staying at, anyway.

This place gets boring pretty damn quick. Everyone really supposed to get jobs and apartments like this is their home? Damnitt. Why not just make us fix the train ourselves. Tch.
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